Office Bureau

Bheem Sain Arora

Reiki Grandmaster, Life Coach, Founder, Chairman Reiki Art of Healing Association Director Reiki Healing Clinic, Chief Editor Science of Healing (Monthly Magazine), President Healthy life Foundation.

S.Harinder Singh

He is a retiree. And very knowledgeable person . He is a Reiki Grand Master.

Narinder Singh
Vice President

He is an agriculturist and a social reformer with an affable personality.

Mr. Sanjeev Malhotra
Vice President

He is a Reiki Grandmaster Presently a practicing Astrologer is an active member of Reiki Art of Healing Association.

Dr. Himanshu Arora
G. Seceretary

He is a Zestful and high spirited medical student.

Mrs. Anupam Arora
Treasurer, Accountant & Cashier

She is a home-maker with perfect understanding and knowledge of account matters.