Those who have learned Reiki under the certification of our Association, become eligible to be our associate. They can click the “Join” Button to fulfill the laid down formalities and procedure to be an Associate.


Certification : As soon as you join you become our associate you will be awarded with THE REIKI ART OF HEALING association certificate that you will be able to display in your Reiki room as a qualification to show to the prospective clients or students. This feature is included at no additional cost.

Print students certificate : Another benefit to be your associate is the ability to create Reiki class certificates online and download them to your printer. Certificates are printed instantly from our associate website and include your Reiki center name( if you have one). The student’s name , your name as the teacher and will indicate your status as THE REIKI ART OF HEALING professional associate. An additional fee is charged for each certificate printed.

Discounts: Our associates will be able to enjoy a 10 to 30% discount on purchase of literature and other Reiki products.