About Us

The Reiki Art of Healing Association is a community, it is a place to belong, a place to discover, a place to learn and a place to feel warmth and friendship. The Reiki Art of Healing Association endeavours to build and spread the teachings of ‘Usui Natural Healing System’ into the community and beyond.

To assist our Associates with understanding the knowledge and to provide support, to know Reiki within . Our aim is to uphold the traditional teachings of Reiki and to maintain a high quality and integrity in the teachings, and standards of its practice. To practice Reiki on oneself and others is an act of service. Through the vibration of love we are powerful, we can create and manifest and most importantly are free to know ourselves. The Reiki Art of Healing Association is a non-profit organization.

All monies acquired will be used for the growth and well-being of the Association and the spreading of Usui’s enlightened teachings to the community. We conduct free healing sessions online and offline, we also arrange free Reiki Healing camps to propagate and popularize the awareness of Reiki.